Law of Attraction and Your Direct Sales/Network Marketing Business

Law of Attraction and Network MarketingHow Does Law of Attraction Affect Your Network Marketing Business Although I have always viewed myself as a happy, positive, optimistic person, my journey into Network Marketing uncovered some flaws that would need to be corrected in order to... [Read more...]

Building Your Direct Sales Business With Your Small Children

Jackie Ulmer and Family at the LakeBlending Your Direct Sales Business and Your Family   People often ask me how I have managed to work and sustain a Network Marketing business over the course of over 20 years, especially as an at-home mom, with small children. You can... [Read more...]

Set Your Leadership Goals FIRST – Share Your Vision With the Team

Set Team and Leadership Goals in MLMLeadership and Team Vision Part of developing your blueprint for success in your Direct Sales and MLM business requires setting those Leadership Goals. Leadership Goals include both your personal goals for sponsoring; retailing products; and... [Read more...]

Common Questions From New Members About Network Marketing

Network Marketing Common QuestionsRecently, while coaching a new team member, some interesting questions came up and I thought it might make for a good discussion. Maybe this might assist you as well. 1. When speaking with a prospect that answered an ad or came in through your... [Read more...]

Are you in Big Business Mode or Stuck in Small Thinking?

Jackie Ulmer Thinks BiggerAre you thinking small or big business? Business slowdowns are occurring in much of the business world, so if you've been thinking that it is limited to just you or your business, ask around. It doesn't matter what your home business or what your... [Read more...]

Handling Adversity and Stress in Your Direct Sales Business

The personal journey you embark upon when you commit to growing a network marketing business is unique in so many ways. It prepares and educates you for so many aspects of life. It prepares you for the greatness of life and also prepares you for... [Read more...]